Tuesday, 4 December 2012

book thingie

This is my 2 different starts on my story ....I'm gonna cut and paste them mixing it together

proloque (i think)
"we must sent mages down there.",Hemsol tried to reason with Grainne."We will leave the child alone to live her live,it's not her fualt she was born",Grainne said angrily.They were obviously fighting about the first sorcerer born in the magic nest  in 2 millenuems. Africa was once the continent with the most sorcerers on it for one good reason, it's where the most magic flows from.All continents was once as powerful as Africa, (they were all once one big land) but as all the other countries evolved technologicly and electronicaly Africa evolved magically. New sorcerers and new types of sorcerers where born everyday in Africa, the number of mortals droped drastically and as everyone expected would happen with too much sorcerors a struggle for authority started.To stop this the strongest sorcerers came together and did a lethal spell called "mort muette"  in plain english death mute   

"We must send mages down there, the girl is too dangerous. I understand you don't want to take her from her mortal life and introduce her to magic so soon, but it's the only way.”, Forest Disa tried to reason with Rhea Izar. Forest is a tall and well build sorcerer. He has shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and thick eyebrows. Some would say he is a Greek god. Rhea is a very tall and slender; her white hair (with baby bleu tips) goes down all the way to her knees. They were arguing about Melancholia the first sorcerer to be born in Africa in two centuries


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