Thursday, 6 December 2012

ever growing dog

Well I'm kinda using this blog as a note book now..(for my book of course) a idea just popped up to me the Ever growing dog that grows if enangererd (did I spell that right i don't thing so but anywhoo...) the name is very misleading cause the dog only grows until a certain height and width but that is a very big height and width as it grows it gets more sets of teeth..and apparently size kills brain cells 'cuase the dog starts drooling like an idiot and thinks it's tail is it's enemy (very stupid indeed) although it looses brain cells it is very dangerous to approach. There is only a few of these idiotic growing puppies left in the world.Ohh and how was my first 2 weeks of vacation you ask..boring plain boring(I've ltterly only been in the house the whole time, my mothers right i do need a life..oh well then good bey for now(until i have another brilliant idea :P

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